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Odor Restoration Services


Love Your Pet Again

We associate the word "odor" with an unpleasant or embarrassing smell, right?

Many people who detect certain types of odors in their home think they need to have a
special type of treatment done to deodorize their carpets or furniture. Our hot water
extraction cleaning method, can at many times, rid these unpleasant odors from carpets
and furniture, without the added expense of deodorizers or treatments. However, there are
times when certain odors cannot be removed by proper and thorough cleaning using our
general cleaning method and must be treated with certain types of deodorizers /
disinfectants. We can provide the proper deodorization technique for each odor situation.

Smoke Odor Restoration


Smoke Odor is the result of incomplete combustion, residues from incomeplete combustion cause residues which off gas pockets of odors. When you have complete combustion with enough heat and oxygen, combustion and fuel, combustion is complete with very little soot or odor. With our Advanced Vapor Treatment System, we can treat for smoke odor and elimnate it quickly!


We treat Automobiles, RV's, and Homes. Treatments are based on the size, intensity of the odor and interior conditions.  An amazing treatment process that is fast! When treating Odors removing the source is key, many try exhausting all options before calling a professional, which in some cases actually becomes a costly mistake. Learn more about this service -

Skunk Odor Elimination

There isn't much that can be more unpleasant than an encounter with a Skunk. Typically the family Pet startles a Skunk and if lucky, is only sprayed once, but in most situations it's multiple doses of the Skunks powerful defense mechanism - Mother Natures Tear Gas. Then as luck would have it, the dog retreats back into the home and the odor hits you just about as quick as the dog has ran through a good portion of the house in a panic! Lets not forget about secondary damage as well, items you then take out of the house for work or school smell just as bad. We offer an amazing treatment process that quickly eliminates the pungent odor.

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