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Every Job Includes:

Pre-inspection - We will take notice to any areas of concern and discuss any pre-existing conditions.

Pre-conditioning / Thorough Agitation - Customized prespray formula for your carpets specific fiber type and soiling conditions.

pH balanced Fiber Rinse - to neutralize previous cleaning residues and conditions your carpet fibers. A great time to replenish the factory protective coating!

Light Deodorizing - To leave a light fresh, clean scent


Carpet Grooming - Resets the carpet pile, providing that like new appearance!

Every Job Includes a 100% No Risk Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning, we'll re-clean the area of concern and if you are still not happy, you'll receive your money back!

Service Call, Not a Sales Call

We are familiar with all Methods of Carpet Cleaning and follow Carpet Mill recommendations and guidelines. Not only will we provide a great cleaning, we'll go over steps how to care for your carpet and steps you can take to ensure longevity out of your investment.

Our main cleaning method is with the use of a  State of the Art Van Mounted Steam Cleaning system, we are trained in all methods of cleaning and in some situations a low moisture or dry cleaning method may be needed.


All equipment stays in the van except for two hoses, cleaning wand, spotters and tools. The water is heated to over 200 degrees which increased the cleaning ability of our detergents. The equipment also has high power vacuum to remove 95% of the moisture, leaving your carpets just lightly damp after cleaning with a 3 to 4 hour dry time, not days!

Recommend Method By Major Carpet Mills -

Hot Water Extraction due to the heat reset of the fibers from the temperature of the cleaning solution along with high vacuum, Our process helps reset the pile and twist of the carpet fibers.  

Desperate young man cleaning carpet at h

Hot Water extraction better known as steam cleaning. It is the recommended method by the Worlds largest carpet manufacturer. Our cleaning system is designed for Minimum residue, Maximum Cleaning. With the use of softened water and premium cleaning detergents, the products provide amazing results and minimal residue. During the rinsing process, injected into the steam solution is a Fiber rinse. This removes sticky, tacky soap residue, brightens and stabilizes dyes, conditions carpet fibers which will allow for better adhesion of carpet protector if you should chose to have a factory coating replenished.

Many carpet cleaners do not have or skip the rinse step when cleaning. Could you imagine cleaning your clothes in the washer and then skip the rinse cycle to remove the detergent? When carpet cleaners skip using a rinse step in cleaning, the residue can attract dirt like a magnet, causing it to look, feel dirty and stiff shortly after cleaning.



Many companies advertise they use these machines. Equipment alone doesn't mean you are going to get your carpet or upholstery cleaned correctly. We follow the cleaning standards of the IICRC. (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration and Certification) We have qualified, trained, uniformed technicians that have been trained with the latest techniques to do the job correctly.  We also go through continuing education from time to time. Keeping us updated on all the latest equipment and detergents.


Stubborn spots have you frustrated ? With our state of the art equipment, specific expertise of each fiber type and spot and stain removal techniques, spots and spills don't stand a chance!

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