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Carpet - Tile - Area Rug - Upholstery Cleaning - Fiber and Fabric Protector Applications - Odor Remediation Services -

Providing You a Healthier Indoor Living Environment!

Carpet Steam Cleaning - Warm Water Carpe
Carpet Cleaning

Our Exhaustively Thorough Process will leave your carpet Soft, Ultra Clean and Healthy! We will provide you with valuable information on how to care for your specific carpet with no high pressure sales. 

A Non invasive manner cleaning process, we do what many

other cleaners don't or won't do. We take specific care when working in your home, with use of wall guards, floor mats, shoe covers and more, leaving your carpets and furnishings healthy, fresh and dries in just a few hours, not days!

Our process is the most thorough cleaning that you have ever experienced. Our hot water extraction cleaning process (also known as Steam Cleaning) will clean your carpet deep-down providing amazing results. Services available for Residential as well as Commercial.

Upholstery Cleaning

The Gymnist
Upholstery Cleaning

From Your Fine Fabric covered Living Room set to your busiest Family Room Sofa, Love Seat, Sectionals or Favorite Recliner, we can clean it and also offer a protective stain resistant coating. Leaving it Clean, Fresh and Dries in just a few hours NOT DAYS!.


Upholstery cleaning requires far more extensive skill and knowledge to master than carpet cleaning. There are several reasons for this. First, the range of fabric fiber types involved is double what one commonly finds in carpet, requiring the cleaner to have a wider understanding of fabric cleaning technology


Regular cleaning keeps tile and grout looking great. Unfortunately for most, the face of the tile may see a frequent mopping but cleaning the grout tends to get overlooked simply because of the manual labor of being down on your hands and knees scrubbing. So the porous grout rarely is cleaned. A quick inspection comparing your grout near a baseboard verses a main walkway, you'll more than likely see a noticable difference.  Our Tile and Grout Cleaning process can help, not only the appearance of your floor, but flush the bacteria and dirt build up quickly and effeciently, leaving you with healthier flooring and a brighter appearance!

Odor Restoration
Pet, Skunk, Smoke Elimination and more!

Passive smoking concept. Woman is coveri

We offer a wide variety of Odor Restoration services from Pet related odors in carpeting, Skunk Musk Odor Removal, Cigarette Odor Removal, Kitchen Cooking Odor Removal.  There are many products on the market that simply mask odors and do not work very well. Source removal  key and then dealing with secondary materials that have absorbed or adsorbed odors.


Area Rug Cleaning / Washing

A beautiful carpet on the floor..jpg

With more Laminante, Tile and Hardwood flooring taking place of first floor carpeting in homes, we are seeing many more area rugs. Many of these higher end rugs cannot be cleaned properly on site.  We can offer you a preinspection and a quote for

pickup / delivery and washing your area rugs, while we are on site for other cleaning requirements! 

Cleaning an area rug involves more in depth preinspection and overall time involved compared to a standard room of carpet. Some synthetic rugs can be surfaced clean carefully in a home,  but with natural fiber woven rugs, not only do we have to concider the face yarn fiber but also material used in the construction / backing and how it will respond to moisture, pH of cleaning products and dye stability. 

Carpet & Fabric Protector

Carpet represents a large investment in your home. We can replenish a manufacturers protective coating that helps resist dry soils, oils and spills. This protective coating not only makes spot cleaning much easier,  but helps prolong the life of the carpeting. 

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