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Do you know whats hiding in your carpets ?

Along with abrasive soils, food particles, oils and dust. What you will also find deep within carpet at the microscopic level are Dust mites. Which are far too small to be seen with the human eye. Dust mites are always going to be found in your home, Dust mites and their feces are the single most common allergen that people inhale in their home. As microscopic animals, they are found in dust which produce a common allergen. Dust mites, although much smaller, belong to the same family as spiders and ticks. Over 22 million Americans are allergic to mite residue that is small enough to be airborne. When disturbed such as vacuuming with a standard vacuum or sweeping with a broom
on hard surfaces, they and their fecal dust may remain airborne for up
to 10 minutes in your home's interior air. Even walking across your
carpet will disturb their fecal pellets. The membrane that covers the
outside of these pellets-doesn't  break down quickly - which means that
the pellets may keep their allergy causing potential for months. The Goal with carpet cleaning is to keep levels reduced to a point to where they are not causing irritations to you or your family members.

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