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Pre-inpsection and Testing of your Tile

Dry Soil Removal

Area preparation 

Soil Suspension



Sealing / Finishing



Clean Tile and Grout with Ease!

We make cleaning your tile and grout an easy process rather than getting down on your hands and knees for a lengthy time scrubbing  with less than desirable results. The grout lines being more of the issue that trap and lock in soil and bacteria. A simple test of looking along baseboards compared to traffic areas and you will likely see the difference in soil levels of your grout lines. Our process will quickly have your tile flooring looking great!

Whether you are wanting a maintenance cleaning for new tile to keep a healthy clean appearance or older tile and grout that needs a deep thorough cleaning our process will brighten it quickly!

With the use of our Hydro Force Tile Cleaning tool and our Van mounted cleaning system,  contaminants and bacteria are thoroughly flushed from tile and grout. The tool uses high temperature, cleaning solution, pressure and suction to remove embedded soils. We follow IICRC recommended cleaning products to clean your tile floor with this process.

Steps involved with cleaning your tile Include 


Pre-inspection, looking for pre-existing conditions of loose grout, loose, uneven or damaged tiles. As well as scratches, abrasion and wear which cannot be corrected by cleaning.

Dry Debris and Soil Removal / Pre-vacuuming

Area Preparation - door ways, floor transition areas, stairwells, appliances, walls, furniture will all be carefully moved / or protected as needed

Pretreat with Customized Cleaning Formula for the soil conditions of your flooring

Soil Suspension and pH balanced rinse


Sealing  (if you chose this options) /  Finishing

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